Sexual Harassment – ​​Compensation for Discrimination

We are not only familiar with the complaints of mostly female employees against their employers because of sexual harassment by superiors or colleagues from the media. In my practice, too, there are always such mandates.

In 2021 I have e.g. represented a former employee of Deutsche Bank AG, who, among other things, sued for compensation for sexual harassment discrimination. The case went through the media worldwide (Frankfurt am Main Labor Court, Az.: 7 Ca 194/21). I was already able to achieve a very lucrative settlement for my client in the conciliation hearing at the Frankfurt am Main Labor Court, namely that her salary will continue to be paid to her, despite her termination by the employer, until the legal conclusion of the proceedings. And this despite the fact that she had already missed the mandatory three-week deadline for filing an action for protection against unfair dismissal! By the time the proceedings were completed, she had received a high five-digit gross amount.

Now I am again representing a client because of sexual harassment by a former superior. Again, it is about a large banking group.

Typically, employers settle in such cases, not only to avoid negative publicity, but because such behavior by managers and coldly dismissing victims‘ claims also undermines the morale of other employees.

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