10.000, 00 Euro severance payment for a termination during probation period

I represented a female client in a dismissal protection case before the Frankfurt am Main Labour Court and the Hessian State Labour Court. The employer is one of the largest IT service groups in the world. He fired my client during her probationary period, shortly after she told her employer that she has a child.

The Frankfurt am Main labour court dismissed the lawsuit because it was a termination during probation period (File number 2 Ca 2624/22). The Hessian State Labor Court saw it differently (File number 13 Sa 1709/22). After appropriate advice from the judge, the parties in August 2023 concluded a settlement. The employer paid to my client 10,000, 00 euros in severance pay for the loss of her job, even though the Dismissal Protection Act does not apply during the probationary period and termination without giving reasons is permissible. As you can see, a lawsuit can be worthwhile even if you are terminated during the probationary period. It depends on the individual case.