Attorney at law, Ms. Asma Hussain-Hämäläinen, successful at the Offenbach am Main labor court

Today at the Offenbach am Main Labor Court, Ref.: 9 Ca 111/24, I negotiated a very good settlement of more than two years‘ salary (severance pay, paid garden leave etc.) for a managing director of an international Japanese company. I represented him at the labor court after he had been dismissed by his employer.

This is a sensationally good result!

Normally, managing directors have no protection against dismissal, i.e. they can hardly defend themselves against dismissal. Therefore, they usually do not receive compensation for the loss of their job. But that only applies if they are real managing directors! In the present case, however, the position of managing director was only pro forma. Ultimately, our very detailed argumentation regarding the employee status of the managing director I represented, also convinced the employer. The parties therefore agreed on the above severance payment etc. already before the first court hearing. The labor court today protocolled the settlement – it is completed now!

Are you a managing director and have you been laid off? Please feel free to call us immediately – there is a very short deadline of three weeks from receipt of the notice of termination for dismissal protection claims at the labor courts. We will help you competently, quickly and reliably!